1. Beth Edelman
    June 28, 2017 @ 1:33 pm

    I am going through this exact experience, down to the sickness and trembling. Where did I ever get the idea that hospice care meant a smooth morphine trip to the heavens, and that my Dad’s conscious mind would have checked out? So much went wrong with this hospital. They keep telling me he’s resting peacefully, and when I get there, he too is wailing. When it’s my time, I’d rather be pushed off a cliff.


  2. Angela
    August 11, 2017 @ 5:57 am

    I brought hospice in after Dad fell almost 3 weeks ago. I am the only caregiver and I have a sister and stepbrother I have not heard from or seen in 20 + years. I thought hospice was help. What a joke! They want the caregiver to cater toward their solutions and they aren’t solving anything but making things worse instead. They are suppose to make comfort at the end of life..HA! Me and Dad have been living in hell ever since I signed up. Their antipsychotic drugs..what a joke. Drugs to make Dad sleep. I just spent 3 days and 3 nights with about 3 hours of sleep to the point of where I was experiencing heart palpitations and seeing things with profuse sweating because their joke drugs made Dad act crazy day and night. I was accused of making that up by the administrator. Everytime a nurse came out Dad was asleep.. but after they left..world war 3 started again with Dad’s craziness.

    Then they want to throw their authority around and tell me what to do in my house. No go! I will tell them in a minute what they can do with their witches brew drugs. No meds were given since 6 last night..Dad has never been so calm. Polypharmacy is a good way to murder people..This is sad and I am completely pissed off with hospice.


  3. R.H.
    May 9, 2018 @ 8:32 pm

    I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that. I so totally understand what you went through with hospice. My mom was in an Adult Family Home when the Home Healthcare and Hospice who were coming in to take care of her once a week decided she needed to go on hospice care. My mom was paraplegic and had a lot of issues. However, she was alert and eating and doing things she could do and we didn’t see why they were putting her on hospice. They convinced me that it was “best for my mom” to be on it because she was going to die. So I agreed, believing they would be more helpful.

    The first thing they did was take her off all the medications she was on that helped with the spasms she had, and diabetes meds, and everything else she was on and put her on morphine. She got pneumonia and they wouldn’t give her anything that would help ease her breathing.

    Toward the end of 6 weeks after she was on hospice care she was so bad she couldn’t talk very well or do anything. She was in severe pain. Hospice tried to get me to withhold food and water from her. I wouldn’t authorize it. I couldn’t add to the misery and I had promised her before she got sick that I would never withhold food or water from her and let anyone thirst or starve her to death. She did, however, get to a point a few days before she passed that she couldn’t swallow so that was when she didn’t get anything to eat or drink. They wanted to stop her food and drink 2 weeks before she died.

    Three days before she passed, she begged me to take her home. I thought she was talking about letting her die but she wanted to come back to my house (where she used to live before I couldn’t physically take care of her anymore and had to put her in the home). I decided to pack her up and bring her home. I honestly thought hospice would be there to help us through the end but they were nowhere to be found except over the phone. We had no idea what was going on and what we needed to do.

    I cried in their ears telling them we needed help and someone to be there with us. Their response? “Give her more morphine keep her sleeping, it will keep her out of pain” They ordered her be given a dose of morphine every half hour until she was gone. They said it would be better for her and for us to do that. I asked why someone wouldn’t come to be there with us. Their response? “Because there are too many other people needing the same help and hospice care isn’t like it is in the movies. The family just calls us when it’s over.”

    Once my mom passed (she died a day and a half after we brought her home), we called to let them know she was gone and it took over an hour and a half for them to get here to verify it and remove all the apparatus to get her ready for the funeral home to come get her. After the woman did all that she called the funeral home and told them to come after my mom. Then this woman saw some of the things we were using for my mom that we hadn’t used up yet and asked if she could have the stuff “for other people needing these supplies”. I was hesitant but also didn’t want to keep all of that stuff anyway and gave the stuff to her. She took it and left.

    All of this was devastating to deal with. Don’t trust it’s Hospice is a JOKE! If I ever have to deal with another family member dying, I will NOT call on hospice. They are no help and they just want to keep your loved ones sleeping and on morphine and dying as quick as it can happen. I just don’t understand why it’s like that. 🙁 The only way you’ll get hospice care like in the movies is if you are filthy rich and can afford to pay for one to stay there at the end with you and your loved one while your loved one is dying.



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