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  1. Vicki
    September 1, 2014 @ 8:40 pm

    I agree with 99.9% of this–you know I do! However, we have given mega-churches a bad name (I believe in an effort to excuse the fact that we continue to dwindle). I was surprised (SHOCKED) at a survey done between mega churches vs small churches and found that the big churches, most times, were MORE spiritual than the small churches.

    And then I began to watch—the larger churches are not bogged down with the stupid, petty, “people ego” stuff that the small churches have, that spreads and poisons all 25 people—the larger churches can have 25 “sick” members (you know what I mean) but if the rest of the organism is healthy and strong, rather than becoming the gangrene that kills, it becomes the splinter that is expelled. (Is this making sense?)

    And while music doesn’t make a church—for ME (and I’m sure others) it is HOW I worship most and best!!–Therefore, to sit and sing the same hymns, watching from the piano, a whole congregation (25) that are lifeless and PRAISE-LESS–with lips barely moving–affects me deeply. The Doxology brings tears of praise to my eyes. I want to get up and scream, Are you LISTENING to what you are singing?!?!) Doug Batchelor once tried to make the point that it was the “contemporary” MUSIC at the golden idol of Daniel that was instrumental in the worship of that idol, and the sign for that false worship was to bow when the “music played.” MY rebuttal to that flawed and ignorant reasoning is this: IF Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were considered traitors to an earthly king for not bowing and participating when the music played, how much guiltier are we when we refuse to sing and give such lackluster praise to the King of Kings?! So if a group (no matter the size) agrees to praise with a certain type of music (and it IS a matter of taste–some like southern gospel, some the old hymns, some the new praise–I like it all from Martin Luther to Third Day) it isn’t the music it IS the HEART and the praise from those hearts that matter. I don’t think He is as much interested in HOW we worship and praise nearly as much as IF we are truly worshiping and praising—-and from what I have seen from my spot on the piano bench, for way too long, the indication is there is LITTLE true praise happening from lifeless lips. From the same musical artist:


    • Rose Bowen
      September 1, 2014 @ 9:07 pm

      You are right about the larger churches having more room to accommodate the unhealthy members. When you’re a small church, if you have a lot of “problem” members, you should probably ask yourselves what you are doing/teaching that attracts this type of person more than the mainstream “normal” members. (not that ANY of us are “normal”). When a larger church dwindles down to a handful of “problem” members, it’s an indicator of issues that need to be addressed. The principle of “like attracts like” is always at work. If we are joyful, uplifting people, we will attract those who prefer that type of fellowship. That doesn’t mean we reject people with problems at all, but we need to be bigger than the issues of one or two people. We have to have a core group of people committed to being people of the Book. And when it comes to music…dare we get into that here? LOL


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